A Perfect Motor Match

VFD Incentives

A variable frequency drive (VFD) controls the rotational speed of a motor by controlling the frequency of the electrical power supplied while not affecting the quality of the system. Typical motors have two settings, on and off. Allowing a motor to match output based on the demand of the equipment allows the motors to save energy by working at a lower speed during less demanding times.

Ameren Illinois offers great incentives for new projects that add VFDs to motors on fans or pumps. We can cover up to 75% of the project cost, allowing for a quicker payback on projects.

How to Get Cash Incentives

It’s simple to get started. Download the application guide and application and you can:

  • Get general information on the program

  • View answers to frequently asked questions

  • Determine eligibility

  • Get details on cash incentives

  • Apply for incentives (pre-approval required for requests exceeding $10,000)

  • Submit required final paperwork to the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program

More Information

Get started with motor management

Facility managers are increasingly under pressure to reduce energy costs, increase productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sound motor management is a key strategy to achieve these goals. The Motor Decisions Matter (MDM) campaign through the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) contains resources to get started with motor management. The information can also lead to partnerships among industrial facilities and local motor service center/vendor, utility or other energy efficiency service providers.

Learn more about the MDM campaign at www.motorsmatter.org

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