Increase your incentive check by 10%!

We’re excited to announce that your facility could receive 10% more cash* on a summer energy efficiency project with Awesummer Rewards!  Simply complete your project by
Sept. 30, 2013
and we’ll increase your incentive check by 10% — automatically.  This bonus opportunity is ideal for quick energy-saving projects that can be completed within a three-month timeframe.

Potential Project Ideas Using Awesummer Rewards:

> General lighting (excluding T12 replacements)
> LED lighting
> Compressed air leak survey and repair
> Steam trap repair/replacement
> Specialty equipment installs

If you need help identifying projects or moving your project forward, please contact us at 1.866.800.0747 for a free energy
consultation.  Your summer just became awesummer!  (And yes - we made that word up).

* This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers and excludes the Small Business Program, T12 replacements, CLIP, Staffing Grant, Retro Commissioning Stipends and Online Store purchases. Project must be submitted on or after June 12, 2013 and completed by Sept. 30, 2013. Customer and project must meet all eligibility guidelines in order to receive incentives.