Ameren Illinois Intern - Diamond Jackson


As a student studying sociology, Diamond Jackson was looking to continue her education over the summer by finding opportunities that would allow her to dive deeper into areas that involved human and civil rights.

She found that opportunity working with the Springfield NAACP and the City of Springfield Community Relations department, which partnered with Ameren Illinois this past summer to educate income qualified African-American customers on the benefits of being energy-efficient.

“It feels great to be able to help the people in the community and just being able to bridge the gap in what they do know and what they don't know, and kind of fill in the gaps to help them get the knowledge that they need in order to implement it in their daily lives.”

Diamond worked this past summer on a strategy plan that included developing toolkits full of materials designed to help people in her community become more aware of the opportunities to become more energy efficient.

“What we're kind of doing is trying to use what Ameren Illinois has done in the past. We're doing partnerships in which we plan to canvas neighborhoods and offer a survey of their house to see what they really need in their homes. It feels really good knowing Ameren Illinois is not only investing to their employees, but they're also investing to their communities and are willing to develop internships so people can work firsthand within this community.”

With the ability to marry her passions this past summer by continuing the work she has done for the NAACP and serving the community she grew up in, Diamond hopes to use everything she's learned and apply it to her future career.

“It feels really great to serve my community and being able to use what I learned and implement it into the necessary target groups and communities here in Springfield.”

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