Spring Into Lower Bills with These Energy Savings Tips

Plant trees outside for shade

Plant deciduous trees on the south-facing side of your home to provide shade in the spring and summer. When the trees lose their leaves, the sun will shine through and warm your house in the fall and winter. For more landscaping tips to improve the energy efficiency of your home, check out our landscaping energy saving tips.

Switch your ceiling fans

If you changed the direction of your ceiling fans to go clockwise this winter, it’s time to switch them back. When your fans rotate counter-clockwise, it creates a downward flow of air so you feel cooler. Simply flip the switch (usually located at the base of your ceiling fan) to help lower your energy bill.

Add natural lighting

During spring the days are getting longer, so you don’t need use your indoor lights as much. Let the sunshine in by opening the shades and curtain and turn off the lights to enjoy the natural ambient lighting. This will also warm your home on those cooler spring days making it less necessary to turn up the heat.

Put up window awnings

Similar to planting trees, window awnings are a great way to keep your home cool during warm spring days. Adding shade to your windows can decrease the amount of warm sunlight that travels through your windows, making it easier to keep your home cool. As heating and cooling tend to consume the most energy in your home, reducing the time you use your AC could mean big savings on your energy bill.

Replace your AC filter

Your air conditioner has likely accumulated a lot of dust from being dormant in the winter, so replace your AC filter before you start cooling your home. This will not only help the AC unit be more efficient, but it will also help keep the air free of dust.

Open your windows

Take advantage of those cool spring nights by opening the windows at night to let the cool air in, then closing them during the day to keep the warm air out. It’s a simple way to cool your home without running your air conditioner.

For more ways to save energy this spring, check out these 7 energy-savings projects that you can do in under five minutes.