Retro Commissioning

Benefits of Retro Commissioning

Retro Commissioning is the process of fine-tuning building systems to ensure a building is running at its optimal performance. It addresses problems that have developed throughout a building’s life as a result of issues such as aging equipment and changes in how spaces are used by occupants.

During retro commissioning, a certified Program Ally contractor will identify equipment in your facility that is not operating efficiently, systems that need to be replaced or adjusted, and other opportunities for operational improvements. You will then receive a recommended list of energy-saving improvements.

Benefits of retro commissioning include:

  • Hidden Problems — retro commissioning helps you uncover problems that may be making your facility less efficient
  • Operating Costs — conducting retro commissioning on a regular basis allows you to reduce operating costs by improving system and equipment performance
  • Safety and Comfort — retro commissioning allows you to uncover issues that could be causing safety and comfort issues in your facility