Reduce Overall Facility Energy Usage 15%-25% with Combined Heat & Power (CHP)!

Combined Heat & Power

The Ameren Illinois Custom Offering provides cash incentives for your CHP projects. CHP can include a suite of available technologies that can use a variety of fuels (Fuel Cells, Gas Turbines, Microturbines, Reciprocating Engines, Steam Turbines, Absorption Chillers) to generate electricity/power onsite, while recovering waste heat that would normally be lost to meet onsite thermal energy needs for heating and/or cooling. 

CHP technology is commonly used in:

  • Commercial buildings (office buildings, hotels, health clubs, etc.)

  • Municipal buildings (wastewater facilities, schools, etc.)

  • Manufacturing facilities (chemical, refining, food processing, etc.)

Consider the significant benefits of CHP:

  • Improve energy efficiency by capturing heat that is normally wasted

  • Improve business competitiveness by increasing energy efficiency and by managing costs

  • Increase resiliency of our energy infrastructure by limiting congestion and offsetting transmission losses

  • Advance environmental goals by reducing emissions of harmful pollutants, overall greenhouse gas footprint


CHP projects can be complex and overwhelming at first glance. We want to help with the evaluation and decision-making process! Here are your next steps to  help complete your energy efficiency project:

  • For questions about the CHP process, please contact Joe Birschbach at 1.636.215.5096 or or reach out to your Regional Energy Advisor.

  •  Contact Graeme with the US DOE TAP, provide basic information and acquire a no cost technical and financial qualification study to indicate viability and best opportunities for CHP at your site, also can help form the basis of initial decisions to take a feasibility study.

  • Apply with our Efficiency Program to cover 50% of the cost of the feasibility study, up to $20,000. 

  • Peruse the US DOE’s new CHP online catalog of recognized packaged CHP systems on the market today with associated technical details, this is intended to help owners gain insight into these systems as well as deliver CHP to the market faster (by end of ’19?) and cheaper (than costs stated above) with simplified package systems.



An example of CHP from the Energy Resources Center at University of Chicago – Illinois:

  •  i. 2MW, natural gas-fired, CHP, electric used onsite, heat energy to process load, min. 70% CHP efficiency, generates ~16M kwh at 8000hrs, ~800,000 therm equivalent heat energy 

  • Projected Cash incentive – savings defined at 70% useful electric output at $0.12/kwh = ~$1,344,000

  • Ballpark Capex ~$5M all-in, site dependent, before incentive

  • Ballpark All-in Savings ~$500,000 per year, site dependent. (Note: Many factors can impact base case, there are a wide variety of CHP technology applications utilized to accommodate various electric/thermal loads, and additional federal tax credit potential)

How to Get Cash Incentives

It’s simple to get started. Download the application guide and application and you can:

  • Get general information on the program

  • View answers to frequently asked questions

  • Determine eligibility

  • Get details on cash incentives

  • Apply for incentives (pre-approval required for Custom projects)

  • Submit required final paperwork to the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program


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