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Scott Jenkins knows the lighting upgrade Goodwill of Central Illinois made through Ameren Illinois’ business program is helping his organization do better business by saving money and delivering a better working and shopping environment.

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The Woolseys realized their 1860s farmhouse needed energy efficiency updates more than aesthetic ones. They found the right options and advice for their historic home through Ameren Illinois' energy efficiency programs.

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Every room of Ray Slapak's home holds memories. See how Ameren Illinois has helped him take care of the house where he raised his sons and celebrated his fiftieth wedding anniversary.

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Hospitality is part of who Marcia Townsend is. She wanted guests to be comfortable, but her home was always too hot or too cold. Thanks to Ameren Illinois, she was able to make her home more comfortable and save money.

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Kim Berkley has grown her business around two loves; working with animals and rising to challenges. So her dog training facility had to perform as well as the champions she trains inside it. With Ameren Illinois help, she nearly doubled her space without doubling her energy bill.

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