Focus Your Energy: Kim's Story

Energy efficiency doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. Ameren Illinois helps you focus your efforts so you can focus your energy on the things you love.

Kim's Story

“I think I was born wanting to work with animals,” small business owner Kim Berkley says. She got a pony as a young child, a horse at age 13. She had dogs, too, but never thought about training them for competitions until after she’d been doing that with horses for decades.

Now, Dog Sports at Kim’s offers a unique indoor facility where people learn how to train their dogs in agility and obedience. Under her instruction, even dogs that don’t normally compete, like bull mastiffs, have become champions.

But while her dogs were winning their competitions, the facility in which Kim trained them wasn’t performing quite as well.

Previously a pottery factory built in 1988, the two-room facility had never seemed to provide enough space for everyone. So in 2013, Kim added a new room, 120’x80’, big enough to hold agility competitions. While the space was great, not all the facility’s features were. The fluorescent lighting, in particular, made noise, flashed, blew frequently, and wasted energy and money.

Kim thought upgrading the old lighting would be overwhelming and expensive. But Ameren Illinois made it easy. “With the right people,” she says, “it only took two days to change out every light.”

How We Helped

Kim’s dream is to be able to teach people how to do what she loves to do. Now she can do that in a facility that performs as well as her students. Here's why:



Kim's Estimated Savings

Energy-efficient lighting $1,000 $1,561 per year
or 22,300 kWh

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