Focus Your Energy: Marcia's Story

Energy efficiency doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. Ameren Illinois helps you focus your efforts so you can focus your energy on the things you love.

Marcia's Story

“I call my home a bed and breakfast,” Marcia Townsend explains. “Anyone who needs a place to stay, this is home.”

The menu on Thanksgiving gives a peek into Marcia’s hospitality: duck and dressing, mac and cheese, banana pudding, caramel cake and more. People don’t ask to come for the occasion; they tell Marcia they’re coming. She replies, “My doors are always open.”

However, Marcia found herself in an uncomfortable situation: She wanted people to be comfortable in her home, but it was always hot or cold inside. In the winter, she had to set up space heaters in the living room and the family room. Her utility bill climbed dangerously high.

She tried to make improvements, but felt no change in the temperature or bill.

Then Ameren Illinois stepped in to help. We started with a home energy performance audit, and then went to work throughout Marcia’s home.

“The program helped me afford things I’ve never been able to afford,” Marcia says. “If people are concerned about their energy costs, they should go to” Even after the big improvements were complete, she learned a lot of easy tips there for saving energy and money, and had fun doing it. 


How We Helped

Marcia’s guests can feel as comfortable as they feel welcome since these improvements were made:



Marcia's Estimated Savings

Home energy performance audit $2,333 $397 per year
New furnace and AC    
Programmable Thermostat    
Energy-efficient lighting    
Air sealing    

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