Focus Your Energy: Paul's Story

It's easy to make energy efficiency a way of life — and with Ameren Illinois, making energy saving improvements to your home is easier than ever.

Paul's Story

Champaign City Councilman Paul Faraci wholeheartedly believes in the city's "Grow Green Champaign" initiative encouraging residents to embrace energy efficiency. 

"City leaders are a pretty progressive group of people," says Faraci, an economic development professional and Champaign native. "They want to help residents become more energy efficient and save money."

Taking the city's sustainability mission to the home front, Faraci made a number of energy-saving improvements to his home with help from Ameren Illinois. Like most homes built in the 1970s, Paul and Stephanie Faraci's two-story home had room for energy-saving improvements. 

Faraci hired a Program Ally — a specially trained contractor registered with Ameren Illinois — to seal air leaks in the home and add much-needed insulation in the attic. Those simple measures are saving the Faraci family an estimated $300 every year in energy costs, more than 10 percent of their average annual costs. The changes have made a difference they can not only see on their monthly bill but also feel in their home.

"The savings on your utility bill will make it worthwhile — plus incentives may be available to help you pay for the up-front costs," says Faraci. Perhaps most important: "I feel better about my home now."

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Benefits of Energy Efficiency

There are many reasons to make your home more energy efficient:

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Greater comfort in home

  • Conservation of precious natural resources

  • Increased long-term value of home

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