Focus Your Energy: Shawn's Story

Energy efficiency doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. Ameren Illinois helps you focus your efforts so you can focus your energy on the things you love.

Shawn's Story

“We have a pretty good family bond being in the military,” Shawn Woolsey says, “but the amount of work we put in this house brought us just that much closer.”

Living in their 1860s farmhouse has been an adventure for the Woolsey family. “We fell in love with it, even though there was some work to be done,” Christi Woolsey says. “It looked like it just needed to get some aesthetic updates,” Shawn explains. So the couple and their two kids pulled down wallpaper and painted, while Christi started piecing together the history of their new home. 

But when high gas and electric bills started arriving the first autumn, the Woolseys switched priorities and turned to Ameren Illinois for advice on saving energy. Shawn was skeptical at first that his gas and electric utility could help him improve his home, but now he says, “It was the deal of a lifetime.” 

Through Ameren Illinois’ energy efficiency program, the Woolseys were able to insulate their bare attic, install vents in their kids’ rooms and run new ductwork to them. They were impressed by the professionalism of Ameren Illinois’ contractors.

“This house is more energy efficient now than my parents’ house, which was built in 2008,” says Shawn. “It actually cut our gas and electric bills in half.”

Now the Woolseys are looking into more program options from Ameren Illinois to see how they can continue to improve their home’s efficiency. They see a new high-efficiency AC unit in their future.

How We Helped

Here’s what they’ve done so far through Ameren Illinois’ energy efficiency programs:



Shawn's Estimated Savings

Home energy performance audit $2,526 $531 per year
Energy-efficient lighting    
Air sealing    
Attic and wall insulation    

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