Student Energy Education Kits

Helping students become the responsible and energy-conscious citizens of tomorrow.

Energy conservation is an important topic for middle school students. Learning how to preserve vital resources and ensure a brighter future for themselves and the planet help students become the responsible citizens of tomorrow. Ameren Illinois is pleased to offer the Student Energy Education Kit program which provides a solid foundation for energy conservation coursework.

The program provides in-school presentations to highlight the need for more energy-efficient products and provide students with the knowledge to better understand why energy conservation is so vital. Each student will receive a personal energy efficiency kit to take home along with an Energy Pursuit Worksheet as a way to seek out misused or wasted energy around their home.

Each energy efficiency kit contains: 

  • Four energy-efficient LED specialty light bulbs

  • An Advanced Power Strip

  • A high-efficiency shower head

  • Faucet aerators for the bathroom and kitchen

  • A hot water temperature card

  • Thread seal tape (with instructions)

Through this hands-on learning experience, students will discover how to increase their homes’ energy efficiency, modify personal behavior, and explore additional energy conservation opportunities. The Energy Pursuit Worksheet and Student Energy Education Kit are designed to empower students to educate family members and encourage dialogue about the need for energy efficiency.