Agriculture Incentives

Grow The Savings

Energy usage accounts for a large percentage of operation costs at a grain or livestock farm. Ameren Illinois offers financial incentives for grain and livestock farmers to help offset the cost of upgrading standard industry equipment to more energy-efficient models. By making energy efficiency improvements, you will save more and boost your bottom line.

Cash incentives are available for a variety of Agriculture projects, including:

  • High-efficiency exhaust fans
  • High-efficiency circulation fans
  • High-efficiency water heaters
  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Lighting upgrades

Schedule your free Energy Audit to identify even more energy-saving opportunities!


An Energy Audit is a detailed look at the equipment using energy at a property and how much energy is being consumed by each on an annual basis. 

Energy Audits help prioritize where improvements should be made for the best return on investment at your farm. Energy audits can typically help you find potential incentives (rebates, grants, etc.) available for the various improvements. At the end of the day, audits assist in finding ways to save energy and money, improving your bottom line. 


Many people find great value in an energy audit. If you are not sure, please call your energy advisor and we can discuss your operation. They will help determine if an energy audit is right for you and will help you meet your energy goals. 

There is no cost for an agricultural energy audit through this limited time Pilot Offering. 

You will need to collect historical energy consumption information for the last 2 years for the energy auditor. You will also need to be available to walk the energy auditor around your site and discuss your operations, equipment run time, etc. A site visit will take approximately between 1 ½ hours to 3 hours depending on size of the operation. 

Reports are completed within 30 days of the site visit, unless there is missing information needed to complete the report. The energy auditor will continue to stay in contact with you and your operation on any necessary information. 

  • Step One: Submit your application for pre-approval as directed within this application form.
  • Step Two: Upon receipt of your approval letter from Ameren Illinois, Program staff will contact you to help you coordinate with an audit professional to move forward with the energy audit process.
  • Step Three: Determine if recommendations work for your farm and implement those that make sense. Work with your energy advisor to learn about incentives and next steps. 

How to Get Cash Incentives

It’s simple to get started. Visit the equipment incentive page of your choice and you can:

  • Get general information on the program

  • View answers to frequently asked questions

  • Determine eligibility

  • Get details on cash incentives

  • Apply for incentives (pre-approval required for requests exceeding $10,000)

  • Submit required final paperwork to the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program