Steam Trap Incentives

It's Full Steam Ahead

If your facility uses steam boilers, it probably has multiple steam traps. Steam traps are automatic valves that release condensed steam while preventing the loss of live steam. They allow steam to flow at a controlled or adjusted rate for optimal energy efficiency. Eventually steam traps fail — and when they do, steam can be wasted and energy lost. Even one major leak can cost your business thousands of dollars!

Cash incentives are available for a variety of Steam Trap projects, including:

How to Get Cash Incentives

It’s simple to get started. Download the application and application guide to:

  • Get general information on the program
  • View answers to frequently asked questions
  • Determine eligibility
  • Get details on cash incentives
  • Apply for incentives (pre-approval required for all incentive requests at $10,000 and greater)
  • Submit required final paperwork to the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program

More Information

Did you know?

  • Maximizing efficiency in your boiler systems can reduce natural gas use and cut energy costs
  • A steam system that is not properly maintained may have as many as 30% of its steam traps failing
  • With annual maintenance, you could reduce losses by 50%

Steam trap projects can save your business thousands of dollars in energy costs. Take action and start saving!

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