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General Program Information

View general information about the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program and our incentives.

The purpose is to provide cash incentives to customers to help defray the upfront costs of installing energy-efficient electric and gas equipment. It can also be used to perform tune-ups on existing equipment.

There are three great reasons to participate:

  1. To reduce energy costs for businesses, promoting healthy bottom lines and helping retain jobs in Illinois
  2. To minimize the environmental impact of energy use and reduce the carbon footprint of Ameren Illinois customers
  3. To lower the demand for electricity and the need to build more electric power-producing plants, saving Ameren Illinois customers money — much more than is being contributed to fund the program

Many Ameren Illinois Program Allies offer audits as one of their services. Visit the Find a Contractor webpage to find a registered Program Ally to assist in conducting your energy audit.

Ameren Illinois non-residential customers are also eligible for a free high-level walk through and project consultation with an Ameren Illinois Energy Advisor. During the walk through and consultation, the Energy Advisor will review your current equipment to identify opportunities for improving your facility's energy efficiency. You can also find out about low- and no-cost ways to reduce your energy use and discuss any projects or upgrades you are considering. The Energy Advisor can also discuss available incentives that can help reduce your project payback periods by months — or even years.

Contact the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program to schedule an appointment for your free walk through and consultation.

By default, the incentive will go to the Ameren Illinois customer (the name listed on the Ameren Illinois account). If the incentive is to be paid to another party, the Ameren Illinois customer must sign the Incentive Release Form to allocate payment elsewhere. If the tenant holds the Ameren Illinois account, the landlord will need to sign the Landlord Consent Form, acknowledging that the improvements are permanent.

Standard and Custom projects may receive up to $500,000 in electric incentives per project and an additional $250,000 in gas incentives per project. The Staffing Grant, Retro Commissioning, Feasibility Study, Leak Survey & Repair, Metering & Monitoring, and New Construction measures are the exceptions to this limit. Please see the individual applications or Terms and Conditions for details.

With Ameren Illinois' energy efficiency program,

"I expanded my business and lowered my energy use."
- Kim Berkley, Ameren Illinois Customer Learn How