Energy-Efficient Lighting

Start Saving with LEDs!

Did you know the average household spends 11% of its energy budget just on lighting? One of the fastest ways to save is by making the switch to ENERGY STAR® certified LED specialty light bulbs. They use up to 80% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than conventional incandescent lighting.

Ameren Illinois now offers discounts to its residential electric customers on LED specialty light bulbs through participating retailers.


Steps to Save

It's easy to get started!

Step One: Plan

Take inventory of the light fixtures in your home you use the most, such as:

  • Kitchen ceiling light
  • Living or family room table and floor lamps
  • Outdoor porch or post lamps

Download this PDF guide to learn how to match the right types of LEDs with the right fixtures. Then plan to begin using this energy-efficient lighting to save the most energy and money.

Step Two: Purchase

Buy LEDs at deep discounts using a participating retailer or the Ameren Illinois Online Marketplace.

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Learn more about how LEDs can save you money and impact the environment with ENERGY STAR LED Information.