Heating and Cooling Incentives

Everyone wants to have a comfortable home that also saves money on energy costs. Improving energy efficiency is the easiest way to ensure your home heating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment provides long term savings for you.

Ameren Illinois' energy efficiency program provides discounts and incentives that can save you hundreds of dollars on energy-efficient products and improvements, such as:

  • Air-source electric heat pumps

  • High-efficiency blower motors

Available Incentives

For a limited time, you can receive up to $1,200 towards the purchase of an air-source heat pump!

Air-Source Heat Pump Incentives

Air-Source Heat Pump EARLY RETIREMENT: $600


  • Replacement of a WORKING air-source heat pump with a new air-source heat pump



  1. Current air-source heat pump must have a nameplate SEER rating of 10.0 or less

  2. New air-source heat pump must be rated 16.0 SEER or greater and 9.0 HSPF or greater



EARLY RETIREMENT with Existing Electric-Resistance Heat Source: $1,200


  • Replacement of a WORKING central air conditioner with a new air-source heat pump, which would become the primary heating and cooling heat source for the home



  1. Current A/C unit must have a nameplate SEER rating of 10.0 or less

  2. Home must currently be heated with an electric-resistance heat source

  3. New air-source heat pump must be rated 16.0 SEER or greater and 9.0 HSPF or greater



Other Incentives

High-Efficiency Blower Motor: $150


  • Installation of a high-efficiency blower motor, which uses significantly less power and adjusts the motor's speed to ensure optimal airflow



  1. New blower motor must be part of a system with a new gas furnace

  2. A furnace AHRI certificate must be submitted with the application

  3. NOT AVAILABLE in combination with Air-Source Heat Pump incentives

Steps to Save

It's easy to get started!

Contact an Ameren Illinois Program Ally to receive recommendations and find out how much you can save upfront on equipment upgrades.

Do You Qualify?

To qualify for these discounts, your contractor must be a registered Program Ally and follow our energy efficiency guidelines for both the new equipment and the equipment you are replacing.


  • You must be an Ameren Illinois residential electric customer.

  • Equipment must be purchased from and installed by a registered HVAC Program Ally.

  • IMPORTANT: Self-installed equipment does not qualify for home heating discounts.

  • Only your Program Ally may remove the existing unit(s).

  • To qualify for the Early Retirement Incentive, your Program Ally must verify that your current equipment is in working condition and gather additional required information about the unit(s). For this reason, only your Program Ally may remove the existing unit(s).

More Information

Jim Barnard

When elevator contractor, Jim Barnard, and his wife, Sandy, moved from Virginia to Illinois, they made major renovations to make their new house a home. Among the improvements were updates to make their home as energy-efficient as possible. With the help of incentives from Ameren Illinois, the Barnard's installed an air-source heat pump to improve the comfort of their new home and save energy. It's made a difference they can not only feel in their home but also see on their monthly bill.

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