Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling

Replace, Recycle & Be Rewarded

Due to the current state of the COVID-19, (Coronavirus), Ameren Illinois, in an effort to continue to be good stewards of community health and safety, we are looking for alternative ways to serve our customers and new information will be posted here. When it comes to saving energy, your actions matter. Now and always - we’re here to help you reduce your energy use — and your costs — with incentives for everything from light bulbs to heating and cooling.

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Your old appliances are wasting energy and costing you money! If you are looking to replace your full-sizedworking refrigerator or freezer:

  • Ameren Illinois will provide you with a $50 check to kick off the savings
  • You could save $100 a year or more on electric costs
  • We will provide free pickup and haul away of your old fridge or freezer

And better yet — Ameren Illinois will give your old appliances a new life. Our recycling facility in Decatur reuses the metal, glass, and plastic parts from your old fridge or freezer. These parts are recycled and made into brand new products.

Eligibility and Participation Requirements

You are eligible if:

  1. You’re an Ameren Illinois residential electric customer, and
  2. Your refrigerator or freezer is in working condition, and
  3. Your refrigerator or freezer is full-size (i.e., 10-27 cubic ft) and still cools 
  4. Due to COVID-19, eligible units must be located in either your garage, or outside of your home in order for the team to be able to pick up your unit contact-free.

That’s it! You don’t even have to purchase a new appliance to qualify for the reward.

If you meet the eligibility requirements above, grab your Ameren Illinois account number and schedule an appliance pickup online, or to schedule a pickup by phone call 1.844.379.0047.

Either way, once we’ve taken that old refrigerator or freezer off your hands, we’ll send you a check for $50 within six weeks.

To prepare for pick-up:

  • Make sure the unit is empty, accessible with a clear path, and plugged in to verify it is in working order
  • Pets are kept in an isolated area
  • An adult, age 18 or older, is present

Find out how much your old refrigerator or freezer costs to operate and how much you can save by flipping it to ENERGY STAR®

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More Information

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Take the Flip a Fridge pledge — and save! Pledge to "flip" your old fridge to an ENERGY STAR certified model and you'll benefit from the many rebates available for purchases and recycling. Even better, you'll help save Americans more than $800 million in energy costs and prevent more than 14 billion lbs of greenhouse gases — equivalent to the emissions from more than 1 million vehicles. Cool for you and cool for the planet!

Big name in small energy bills. You see the ENERGY STAR name all over the place these days, and for good reason — on average, an ENERGY STAR qualified model can cut your energy bills by $165 over the lifetime of your fridge. Learn more about the ENERGY STAR program.

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