Strike While the Savings are Hot

For a limited time, the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program has increased incentive levels for a number of gas-saving measures that can help you make energy-efficient upgrades. By improving the efficiency of your facility’s systems, you’ll lower your energy costs, maximize equipment life, and boost your bottom line — and continue to enjoy the energy savings for years to come!

Economizers & Heat Recovery Equipment

As much as 20–50% of energy consumption is lost as waste heat. Recover your waste heat and realize substantial savings!

Incentive: $1.25/therm saved

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Demand Controlled Ventilation

Save big with energy-efficient upgrades to your facility’s demand controlled ventilation system!

Incentive: $0.15/sq ft controlled

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Steam Traps

Just one faulty steam trap can cost your business thousands of dollars. Replace those steam traps and seal in the savings!

Incentive: Up to $500/trap

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Boiler Burners & Lockout/Reset Controls

Enjoy significant savings with improvements to your facility’s boiler system!

Incentive: Burners – $1.25/therm saved; 
Lockout/Reset Controls – $2.00/kBtuh, up to $1,500

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Receive cash incentives to install new energy-saving kitchen equipment!

Incentive: Up to $2,000/unit

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Kitchen Demand Ventilation Controls

Reduce exhaust system costs by 30–50% by installing demand ventilation controls in your kitchen.

Incentive: $400/hp

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