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These quick tips will help you lower your energy bill ‐ in every room, for every season.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist — or even an expert handyman — to save lots of energy and even more money around the house. With easy tips and helpful videos featuring TV personality and home renovation expert, Matt Muenster, you’ll be on your way to energy savings in no time.

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Seasonal Energy Savings

Spring Into Lower Bills with These Energy Savings Tips
When winter is over and you’re ready to say good-bye to the cold, blustery weather, it’s time to start preparing your home for the warmer months. With these low-cost (or free!) energy-saving tips, you’ll be able to reduce your energy use, making the transition from winter to spring even more enjoyable.

Stay Cool This Summer with These Simple Energy-Saving Tips
Summer is the time for barbeques, trips to the pool and frosty treats, but it can also mean higher energy bills because of cooling costs. Follow these tips and best practices to shelter your home from the sweltering heat while keeping your cooling costs under control.

Room-by-Room Energy Savings

Choosing the Best Energy-Efficient Appliances for Your Home
There are many small changes you can make in your home to reduce your energy use, but it’s also important to think bigger. Energy-efficient appliances can make a significant difference on your power bill. Because they are a substantial investment, it’s key to do your research to understand which shapes, sizes, styles, and setups will work best for your home.

From Faucets to Fans, Start Finding Energy Savings in Your Bathroom
Water heating is the second largest energy expense in your home, and because almost everything you do in the bathroom uses water, there are a lot of opportunities to lower your energy bill.

Become the King of Your Kitchen with These Energy-Savings Tips
From early-morning breakfast, to midnight snacks your kitchen is a busy room that can use up a lot of energy. Whether you’re an experienced chef or consider it a good day when you don’t burn the boxed brownies, saving energy in the kitchen is easy for everyone.

Lounge Comfortably in Your Living Room with These Energy-Savings Tips
Whether your living room is your child’s playground or a man cave, it can be a busy room in your home. From movie marathons to family game night, these simple projects can help your entire family enjoy the living room while still saving money on your energy bill.

Quick Tips to Help You Save Energy on Every Load of Laundry
Did you know the average family washes about 300 loads of laundry every year? Laundry may seem like a huge chore, but it doesn’t have to feel that way on your power bill. With these tips, you’ll be able to start saving energy on every load.

Energy Savings for Your Whole Home

How to Rearrange Your Home to be More Energy Efficient
Heating and cooling your home accounts for about half of your energy bills. Fortunately, rearranging your furniture and other small adjustments to your home can make it feel warmer or cooler, which can help lower your energy bill.

Warm and Cool Your Home with Everyday Household Items
Want your home to be more energy efficient, but don’t want to make a trip to your local home improvement store? With these quick tips, you’ll be able to reduce your energy use with everyday household items.

Make Your Apartment Energy Efficient With These Rental-Friendly Energy-Saving Tips
Being energy conscious can mean a more comfortable home and a full wallet. But can you have an energy-efficient home when you don’t own? Of course! With these simple, affordable, and rental-approved tips, you’ll be on your way to saving energy­ — and lowering your energy bills.

Ways Your Kids Can Help You Save Energy
It’s no secret that kids don’t like doing chores, but if you explain how saving energy helps the environment, they might be more willing to jump on board. Teaching your children the importance of using less energy around the house is a great way to encourage personal responsibility, and it can also help save the planet, preserve our national resources, and reduce your monthly power bill.

7 Simple Do-It-Yourself Energy-Savings Projects for Every Room in Your Home
Not only does saving energy help the environment, it also save you big bucks on your energy bill. Everyone knows that turning off the lights when you leave a room can save you energy, but the saving doesn’t stop there these tips will take your energy savings even further.

Landscaping Your Way to an Energy-Efficient Outdoors
Just like sitting under a shade tree can offer you a cool escape on a hot summer day, the landscaping in your yard can create a summertime oasis for your home. Not only does landscaping add curb appeal, it can also improve your home’s comfort and lower your energy bills. Use these outdoor projects to cut your cooling and heating cost up to 30% — all while giving your yard a fresh look.