Identify Energy-Saving Opportunities for Your Home
Receive recommendations, advice, and free services for starting and completing energy-efficient projects around your home.
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Online Marketplace
Purchase low-to-no cost smart thermostats at our Online Marketplace.
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Laundry Incentives
Find Incentives & Rebates on Energy-Efficient Products
We offer incentives on many energy-efficient products like lighting, smart thermostats, heat pumps, and more.
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Refrigerator Opening in Home
Appliance Recycling
We offer a $50 cash incentive toward recycling a qualified old refrigerator or freezer. Act now, this offer ends December 31, 2021.
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Efficient Choice Tool
The Ameren Illinois Efficient Choice Tool is a free tool that can assist you in your purchase of energy-efficient products and appliances.
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Find the Right Contractor
Find the Right Program Ally Contractor for Your Project
We support a statewide network of certified Program Ally contractors who offer energy efficiency solutions that can help you improve comfort, manage energy usage, and reduce costs.
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LED Lighting Energy Saving
Discover Energy-Saving Tips and Tools
Our tips can help you save no matter what your budget is – and cover a wide array of topics including renovations, lighting, and more.
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Energy Savings for Renters
Taking energy-saving actions in a rental brings benefits to both renters and landlords—lower energy bills, increased comfort, and more.
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