Advanced Power Strips

The Best Way to Save Energy is to Stop Wasting it!

What is Standby Power?

Did you know that most electronics continue to draw power even after they are turned off? Standby power is wasted electrical energy consumed by plug-in electronics when they are switched off or in a standby mode. For some electronics, this energy represents a substaintial portion of its annual energy use. Overall, standby power accounts for an estimated 6% of total U.S. household electric use and a total of approximately 43 billion kWh per year.

Reducing Standby Power Waste

The simplest way to reduce standby power waste is to remove supplied power to electronics when they are not in use. TrickleStar® Advanced Power Strips automate this process by removing supplied power to peripheral electronics (e.g., DVD player or printer) when the primary device (e.g. TV or PC) is turned off or put to sleep.

Benefits of Advanced Power Strips

  • Eliminates standby power wasted by TV and PC peripheral electronics
  • Protects electronic equipment with premium-quality, fireproof surge protection
  • Provides simple automation to reduce plug load
  • Simple to install and easy to use

Application Diagram

Tier 1 Advanced Power Strip

A Tier 1 Advanced Power Strip is an energy-saving surge protector that reduces standby power waste in the home theater system and office workspace environments.

The Advanced Power Strip senses whether the control device (typically a TV or PC) is either on, off, or in a standby state. It saves energy by automatically removing and restoring power to the switched outlets based on the status of the control device (on, off, or in standby), thereby reducing standby power waste from unused electronics.