Instant Incentives

Benefits of Instant Incentives

Instant Incentives makes it easier for Ameren Illinois business customers to make their facilities more energy efficient by providing upfront savings on:

  • LEDs, including specialty bulbs, tube bulbs, and recessed lighting.
  • Smart Thermostats can help regulate the temperature in your business’ facilities.
  • Notched V-Belts help your existing HVAC systems run more efficiently.
  • Central Air Conditioners use eight percent less energy than conventional models.
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters use up to 63% less energy than conventional water heaters.
  • Air Source Heat Pumps use energy more efficiently than standard heating and cooling systems.


Instant discounts allow you to receive discounts at the time of purchase, which means:

  • No Application — when you or your installing contractor purchase eligible equipment from a participating distributor you won’t be required to fill out an application or complete any paperwork!
  • Savings Upfront — you’ll receive your savings at time of purchase, so you won’t have to wait for your project to complete and for a rebate check to be delivered.
  • Start Saving Now — many of the products available with an instant discount are easy to implement, which means you can start saving on your energy costs sooner rather than later.