More Money. Less Energy.

Take advantage of increased electric incentives and maximize your energy savings! Ameren Illinois is now offering increased incentive levels for many types of energy efficiency projects. By improving the efficiency of your facility’s systems, your organization will lower its energy costs, maximize equipment life, and boost its bottom line. And you'll continue to enjoy the energy savings year after year!

Large HVAC System Upgrades

Collectively, heating, cooling, and ventilation account for up to 40% of the energy used in facilities. Save big with energy-efficient upgrades to your HVAC system!

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Energy-Management Controls

Enjoy significant savings by integrating energy-management controls in your facility!

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Large-Scale Compressed Air System Improvements

Compressed air is a very expensive form of energy because of its poor efficiency, often as low as 10%. Optimize your system and realize substantial savings!

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Lighting Controls

Upgrading to LED lighting is one way to reduce lighting costs, but pairing LEDs with controls can save your facility an even more significant amount of energy. By utilizing a network lighting system, your facility can save up to 70% in lighting electric costs!

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