Top-Performing Program Allies

Program Allies of the Year (PY9)

Congratulations to our Program Allies of the Year for projects completed during Program Year 9 (June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017). These companies have helped Ameren Illinois customers across central and southern Illinois to achieve exemplary energy savings — boosting the customer's bottom line and making a positive impact on the environment.

Project Ally of the Year:

Springfield Electric Energy Solutions

203 projects completed

Electric Ally of the Year:

Power Supply Industries (PSI)

17.7 million kWh saved 


Gas Ally of the Year:

Sitton Energy Solutions

389,000 therms saved 

Newcomer of the Year:

Industrial Steam Services

4.3 billion BTUs saved


Industrial Steam Services


Most Improved Ally (Projects):

Light Brite Distributing

142 more projects completed
in PY9 than in PY8


Most Improved Ally (kWh):

Illinois Electric Works

11,500 more kWh saved 
in PY9 than in PY8



Most Improved Ally (Therms):

ENTEC Services

91,000 more therms saved 
in PY9 than in PY8


Allies Achieving PY9 Milestones


50 Projects or more:

  • Springfield Electric Energy Solutions
  • Light Brite Distributing
  • Carterville Winlectric Company
  • A&D Electrical Supply
  • D&S Plus Ent
  • Cors Lighting
  • Batteries Plus Bulbs, Fairview Heights
  • Twin Supplies, Ltd.
  • Innovative Facilities Solutions
  • ROI Energy Investments, LLC
  • Energy Saving Solutions, Inc.

5 Million or more kWh Saved:

  • Springfield Electric Energy Solutions
  • Power Supply of Illinois (PSI)
  • Illinois Electric Works
  • A&D Electrical Supply Inc
  • John Henry Foster

100,000 or more Therms Saved:

  • Power Supply of Illinois (PSI)
  • Sitton Energy Solutions
  • ENTEC Services