Top-Performing Program Allies

Program Allies of the Year (PY18)

Congratulations to our Program Allies of the Year for projects completed during Program Year 18 (January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018). These companies have helped Ameren Illinois customers across central and southern Illinois to achieve exemplary energy savings — boosting the customer's bottom line and making a positive impact on the environment.

Project Ally of the Year:

Springfield Electric Supply Co.

326 projects completed

Electric Ally of the Year:

A&D Electrical Supply, Inc.

6.8 million kWh saved 




Gas Ally of the Year:

Power Supply of Illinois (PSI)

3.5 million therms saved 



Newcomer of the Year:

Wilcox Steam Solutions

1.9 billion BTUs saved


Wilcox Steam Solutions


Most Improved Ally (Projects):

Butler Supply, Inc.

69 more projects completed
in PY18 than in PY9

Most Improved Ally (kWh):

Carterville Winlectric Company

2.5 million more kWh saved 
in PY18 than in PY9

Most Improved Ally (Therms):

Ruyle Mechanical Services, Inc.

384,000 more therms saved 
in PY18 than in PY9


Allies Achieving PY18 Milestones


50 Projects or more:

  • Springfield Electric Energy Solutions
  • Carterville Winlectric Company
  • A&D Electrical Supply
  • H&H Industries
  • Jarvis Electric
  • Butler Supply

5 Million or more kWh Saved:

  • Springfield Electric Energy Solutions
  • Power Supply of Illinois (PSI)
  • A&D Electrical Supply Inc

100,000 or more Therms Saved:

  • Power Supply of Illinois (PSI)
  • Sitton Energy Solutions
  • Ruyle Mechanical Services, Inc.
  • McClure Engineering
  • ENTEC Services