Plug into Energy Savings with a Smart Power Strip

Optimize Your Home Office

Your home office can be a drain on energy, so plug your electronics into your smart power strip! When they aren’t in use, the power strip will stop them from eating away at your savings. Now you can focus on spreadsheets (or even a game of solitaire) instead of worrying about energy savings at the end of the day.

Boost the Energy Efficiency in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom outlets are often occupied by lamps, laptops chargers and other devices. Save space and energy by introducing a smart power strip, so you can save energy. Plus, you can free up outlet space for other appliances you want to use!

Save More with Smart Plugs

One of the easiest ways to save energy is by adding smart plugs to your outlets. A smart plug is a device that plugs directly into an ordinary outlet and allows you to monitor and control the power consumption of individual appliances. It connects to your WiFi so you can see how much energy your devices are using throughout the day. You can also remotely create a custom energy-savings schedule to get the most out of your smart plug.

Enhance Your Living Room

The living room can be a hub of wasted energy. Plug your electronic devices, from TVs to cable boxes and DVD players, into a smart power strip to help reduce the amount of energy used. So pass the popcorn, enjoy the show and savor the energy savings.

Keep the Kitchen Efficient

Cooking in the kitchen is probably an everyday occurrence in your household, which means it can be one of the biggest energy offenders. Keep your small kitchen appliances plugged into a smart power strip, such as your coffee maker or toaster. Once you turn your appliances off, your smart power strip will reduce the energy these unused appliances continue to use. Now your treats will be even sweeter thanks to the added energy savings!

Now that you’re a master at defeating vampire power, find even more ways to save in your living room!