Warm and Cool Your Home with Everyday Household Items

Switch the direction of your ceiling fan

Change the direction of your ceiling fan to clockwise in the winter (the fan will help spread warm air more evenly around the room) and counterclockwise in the summer to simulate a cool breeze.

Close your curtains

If you have shades or curtains on your windows, close them when you want to keep heat out in the summer. In the winter, open them during the day to let in the heat from the sunlight. Don’t have curtains? You can easily make some from old blankets or sheets!

Reduce drafts with blankets

Prevent heat or cool air from escaping your home by using a rolled up blanket or towel as a draft stopper on those drafty doors and windows. Simply affix it to the bottom of your door so that it touches the floor, until you’re able to install a more permanent solution.

Vacuum your vents

Dirt and dust in your air vents can prevent your heat and air conditioning from properly heating and cooling your home. Use your vacuum to clean them out and keep the air flowing freely.

Check your fridge’s seal

Make sure your fridge isn’t losing cold air by placing a dollar bill in your refrigerator’s seal and closing the door. If you can pull the bill out easily, it’s time to replace the seal.

When you’re looking for simple ways to save energy, skip that trip to the home improvement store and start using items you already own! For more energy-saving opportunities, check out our tips for saving energy with your landscaping.