Easy Updates to Help You Save Energy in Your Bedroom

Brighten Your Bedroom

Swap any traditional light bulbs in your bedroom with LED specialty light bulbs. They are energy-efficient bulbs that can cut your family’s electric use on lighting by up to 80 percent and can last more than 25 times longer than regular incandescent light bulbs. LEDs also produce less heat, so your cooling systems don’t have to work as hard. For extra energy savings, remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room!

Use a Ceiling Fan

Fans are a great supplement to your AC. A typical AC unit uses 3,500 watts of energy when running, while the average ceiling fan uses only 60 watts. Ceiling fans circulate air to help you feel cooler, while using less energy. For added energy savings, change the direction of your ceiling fan to counterclockwise in the summer to simulate a cool breeze, and clockwise in the winter to feel more warm air.

Plug In a Smart Power Strip

From your phone charger to your laptop, your bedroom outlets are often occupied. Save space and energy by introducing a smart power strip. This way, your only energy concern will be how many cups of coffee you need in the morning.

Uncover Your Vents

Heating and cooling rooms when your vents are blocked can waste energy, so make sure furniture isn’t blocking the vents, undermining your energy efforts. It’s more refreshing to cool yourself than it is to cool the back of your furniture.

Keep the Closet Doors Closed

Sealing off small rooms like closets can make sure the rest of your house gets better air distribution, saving you money and energy. The coolest thing you’ll have to worry about in your closet will be your wardrobe.

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs

Area rugs can help your floors feel warmer during the winter months. Rugs trap heat more efficiently than hardwood floors, giving the heating system in your home a rest. This means lower energy bills and warmer feet.

Keep Blankets on the Bed

During cooler months, it can be tempting to turn your heat up. Instead, adding blankets to your bed is a cheaper, more energy-efficient alternative. Snuggle up under the cozy covers and enjoy the energy savings.

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