Energy Efficiency for Every Room in Your Home

Smart power strips

Smart power strips combat “vampire power” — the energy that’s wasted when electronic devices are plugged in but not in use. These units automatically shut off power to your devices, saving you money throughout the year. So go ahead and plug your favorite devices into your smart power strip. It won’t drain the fun out of them — just like it won’t be a drain on your energy bill.

Smart thermostats

If you haven’t upgraded to a smart thermostat, what are you waiting for? These thermostats can change the temperature automatically based on your preferences, so you can set a temperature that is different when you’re home than while you’re away or asleep at night. Saving energy is a dream with these thermostats. Learn about our rebate for smart thermostats here.

Timed outlets

Eliminate worry and increase energy efficiency in your daily life with timed outlets. Plug the timer into the outlet you want to use, and then plug your device into the socket on the timer. All that’s left to do is set the time. These outlets can help create an energy-efficient routine for everyone. Set a timer for devices you use daily and can stand to have power eliminated from them during “off times,” like when you’re at work or sleeping. The next thing you’ll be timing out is what activity to do next with your savings from your energy bill.

It just takes one step to start mastering energy efficiency. Visit our Energy Savings Center for even more ideas for your next big savings opportunity!